Wrong Delivery Partner

At Uber, we’re committed to supporting our partners by providing them the feedback needed to improve their delivery ratings. We want to enable you to deliver a high quality of service through the Uber platform which is why we share any quality related feedback with you. 

Wrong Delivery Partner Complaint

What does a Wrong Delivery Partner Complaint mean?

A recipient let us know that the delivery partner that delivered to them was not you. Sharing accounts with other people is against Uber policy. This can lead to your partner account being permanently deactivated.

How can I ensure this doesn't happen again?

The best way to avoid a ‘Wrong Delivery Partner’ complaint is to not let other people use your account. If you want to change the photo on your account so it looks more like you (new hair style, grew or shaved a beard, etc) please upload a newer photo of you via the partner application.

What's next?

By sharing this quality feedback we hope that we've helped you to understand the expectations our merchant partners and recipients have for our delivery partners.

If we receive additional complaints that it is not you delivering whilst logged into your account, you may lose access to the platform.