Interstate Driving History Submission

Information for acquiring an interstate driving history.

An interstate driving history is required if you have lived interstate and have not held a full Victorian license for twelve months**. We need this to see:

  • The first issue date of your Australian license

  • Previous suspensions, DUI’s or other traffic offences

As well as this we will be running a Victorian Driving History Check on your behalf.

** Please note that some state governments will charge a fee

New South Wales

You can request your NSW driving history online by registering a MyServiceNSW Account.


You can request your Tasmanian driving history by downloading and completing the ‘Request for Information’ form and sending it to:

Northern Territory

You can request your NT driving history by completing the ‘Application for Disclosure of Information’ form and sending it to:


If you have not renewed your Queensland license in the last twelve months, you can request a ‘Traffic History’ online. This will show the last time your license was renewed, as well as any penalties or disqualifications.

However if you have renewed your Queensland licence in the last twelve months then we will also need to determine when you first got your license. There are two ways to do this.

Either request a ‘Licence History' or provide a photograph of your Queensland license.

Australian Capital Territory

You can request their ACT driving history by completing the ‘ACT Search of Records’ form and sending it to:

Western Australia

You must obtain two documents from Western Australia. 

For the first issue date of their license you can call 13-11-56. The results will then be emailed back.

For disqualifications and penalties you must download and fill out the 'Record of Traffic Infringement Notices' form.

South Australia

You can request your SA driving history using the link below. 

Received your interstate driving history? Submit it now!