Delivery Ratings


How ratings work

At the end of every completed delivery, the recipient and the merchant are given the opportunity to rate their experience with a thumbs up, or a thumbs down.

You can see how people rated your delivery in your ratings tab. Your delivery rating is an average based on the last 500 deliveries. If 9 people gave a thumbs up and 1 person gave a thumbs down, your delivery rating would be 90%.

Why is my delivery rating important?

People request delivery because they want items brought to them efficiently. If they are happy with the delivery, they are more likely to request again in the future. More requests - more deliveries - more money. 

If your rating is at risk, we may reach out with tips and helpful information, so you can take steps to increase people's satisfaction and continue delivering on Uber. 

How can I maintain a high rating?

Our top delivery partners tell us that to maintain a high delivery rating, it is best to:

  • Act respectfully towards merchant staff and recipients;
  • Bring items directly to the customer’s door;
  • Follow merchant’s specific pick up instructions;
  • Keep food items within the insulated delivery bag; this looks professional, helps to keep food at the right temperature and prevent spills;
  • Verify the order and number of items;
  • Be on time, every time;
  • Dress for success and smile!

At Uber we have a zero tolerance policy. Any reported incidents may be investigated and any action will be taken if necessary.