Bicycle Safety


Stay safe while on the road

It’s important to stay safe while riding your bicycle on the road - whether you’re riding with Uber, another delivery provider or just casually.

Some quick tips to remember (from VicRoads, more details here):

  • Wear a helmet;

  • Avoid urban freeways or roads where signs prohibit bicycles (such as CityLink tunnels or the Westgate bridge);

  • Don’t ride on the footpath (unless a valid exception applies);

  • While riding at night you must have:

    • White light (flash or steady) on the front; and

    • Red light (flashing or steady) on the back; and

    • Red reflector on the back; and

    • If possible wear reflective clothing

Bicycles are expected to obey the same road rules as drivers, in addition to abiding by bicycle-specific rules. The result of not following these rules can be fines or even demerit points.

All this information is provided by VicRoads, more information can be found below: