St. Kilda Festival - Guide

Your Guide to St. Kilda Festival 2017

St Kilda Festival 2017 is happening on Sunday, 12 February and event organisers are expecting more than 350,000 attendees throughout the day! Here’s your guide for directions, pick ups and drop off instructions and busy times.

We’ll be directing riders to two UberZONES located across the festival to make pickups as quick and easy as possible.

How to access St. Kilda Festival 2017


Step 1: Print an Access Pass

You must present an Access Pass to a traffic controller or Uber staff member to access an UberZONE.

We recommend printing a copy and taping it on your windshield so you can be quickly and easily recognised.

Alternatively you can head into the Cremorne GL Hub to pick one up or present the pass from the screen of your mobile device.

Step 2: Head to an UberZONE

You must be within either UberZONE to receive a trip request on the day.

You can enter either UberZONE on the day which will be marked with Uber signage and have Uber personnel there to help direct you as you approach it.

There will also be road closures throughout the day so head to the link below for more information.

Fitzroy St UberZONE

If you are approaching from the northern end of the St. Kilda Festival, we recommend heading to this UberZONE.

  • Enter Lakeside Dr via Queens Road Princess Highway.
  • Follow the signage along Lakeside Dr then turn left into Fitzroy St where a traffic controller will point you to the UberZONE.
  • When you have pulled up in a parking bay, our Uber staff will help direct your rider to your vehicle.

Marine Parade UberZONE

If you are approaching from southern end of the St. Kilda Festival, we recommend heading to this UberZONE.

  • Head north along Marine Parade, following the signage to the UberZONE.
  • As you approach keep to the left and once you have pulled up in a parking bay, our Uber staff will help direct your rider to your vehicle.

Step 3: Pick up your rider and head out


After you have parked in an allocated Uber bay, our team will accompany riders who have requested a trip from the UberZONE to help locate your vehicle.

It is important to have your Partner app open as our Uber staff will need to verify and ensure you are matched to the correct rider.

Finally, when the rider has entered your vehicle and confirmed their destination, proceed to leave the UberZONE to the rider’s destination.

When will it get busy?

Important Reminders

  • Download the most recent Partner app - Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the Partner app. Download it here.
  • Print your Access Pass - This will make it easier to get into closed roads.  Click here to download and print your pass. We recommend taping it to your windshield for quicker access to the UberZONE
  • Dropoff/Pickup inside an UberZONE - Traffic enforcement will be strict around the event. Make sure to dropoff/pickup your rider from inside an UberZONE to avoid blocking traffic.
  • Finding your rider - When you arrive at the UberZONE look out for our staff who will help you find your rider. We’ll have your rider waiting for you when you arrive at the zone.
  • Be safe - We recommend against dropping off riders on the street. Instead wait until you have safely reached an UberZONE.
  • Subscribe for instructions - Pick-up and drop-off instructions (including best entry points) will be sent via SMS. Text 'START' to 0437 915 630 to opt-in to SMS instructions on the day.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Uber Victoria Team