Package Handling

At Uber, we’re committed to supporting our partners by providing them the feedback needed to improve their delivery ratings. We want to enable you to deliver a high quality of service through the Uber platform which is why we share any quality related feedback with you. 

Package Handling Complaint

What does a Package Handling Complaint mean?

A recipient let us know that your handling of their food wasn’t up to Uber’s quality standards during a recent delivery.

Recipients have their items delivered with Uber because they can get local items at the touch of a button and they want to enjoy those items delivered to where they are. An important part of this experience is ensuring that items (including food) are kept safe.

If you are delivering food, it is important that it is carried correctly within the insulated bag so that the food is kept warm and is as close to the experience of eating in the restaurant as possible.

How can I ensure this doesn't happen again?

Keep in mind when delivering that items should always remain sealed in their packaging. If you need to check all items are in the packaging, this should be done at the merchant location, without damage done to the packaging. Never open an item en route to a delivery destination.

Some quick wins to improve your deliveries include:

  • Keep food items within the insulated delivery bag; this looks professional, helps to keep food at the right temperature and prevent spills;
  • When handling pizzas it is important to keep them the right way up so that the toppings do not fall off;
  • Hot and cold items are separated;
  • Bring items directly to the customer’s door.

Little things like this improve the recipient experience ensuring they keep using Uber, meaning there are more delivery requests for you!

What's next?

By sharing this quality feedback we hope that we've helped you to understand the expectations our merchant partners and recipients have for our delivery partners.

If we receive additional complaints around package handling during a delivery, you may lose access to the platform.