Your Guide to NYE 2016

With partygoers out celebrating, New Year’s Eve can get busy.

Check out these tips on how to maximise your night.

Confirm your rider

  • There will be a lot of people riding Uber!
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you pick up the correct rider.
  • Before you start the trip, ask the rider for their name and verify it with the name in the app.
  • If you do pick up the wrong person, let us know and we’ll help sort it out.

New riders


  • For many riders, NYE will be their first Uber experience.
  • Ask your rider if they have used Uber before and take the time to answer any questions they may have and provide any tips.
  • For example: Promo codes for first-time riders must be entered before a trip is requested, not during or after.

Remain calm and helpful

  • It’s no secret that you may come across intoxicated riders on New Year’s Eve.
  • Remain calm and focus on the road to ensure that you and your rider arrive at the destination as smoothly as possible.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, enlist the help of a sober (or less drunk) rider.
  • Remember: each trip is GPS-tracked and rider information is on file, so please get in touch with us through the ‘Help’ option in the Partner app if you need to report any issues.

Lost items

  • Please check your vehicle after every ride.
  • If your rider drops the ball and leaves something in your car, contact the rider through the ‘Help’ option in the app. 

5-Star routes


  • Poor ratings can be a result of riders not approving the route taken.
  • To avoid this, it is recommended to ask riders whether they have a preferred route or if they are ok for you to follow the GPS.
  • Stay up to date with road closures and traffic conditions throughout the night.  

Good luck on the road and safe driving!
Uber Melbourne