The countdown to Melbourne's biggest night

New Year's Eve is Melbourne's busiest night of the year and the countdown is on!


What to expect

Summer is generally busier for Uber driver-partners, with school holidays, tourists, and people getting out to enjoy the warmer weather. 

In Melbourne, we see a massive influx in the lead up to New Year's Eve. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Airport trips to the airport as locals and travellers alike enjoy a summer vacation.
  • Festive season celebrations between now and the end of the year, expect a big increase in weekday evening riders.
  • Outdoor festivals across all of summer, but especially during weekends when there are typically long lines for public transport.

As summer goes on and New Year's Eve draws closer, we will communicate more information about key events, road closures, and other tips & tricks that can help make the Uber experience smooth for both riders and drivers.

Keep an eye out for updates from the Uber team via email or in-app messages, and check out weekly updates here. 

Happy driving!

Weekday Mornings

Pro Tip for the week starting Monday Nov 14th

  • Between 5AM - 9AM, the majority of riders come from Melbourne's inner-eastern suburbs turning to Uber to get to work or the airport.
  • Monday mornings typically have the highest average hourly earnings as this is when the majority of domestic flyers head to the airport.
  • So if you're a morning person and willing to complete a few big trips across the city, the inner-eastern suburbs are a great area to be online.

Sunday Afternoon

Pro Tip for the week starting Monday Nov 21st

  • Sunday afternoons are another popular time for riders turning to Uber whether visiting family/friends, enjoying a trip to the cinema or heading out for an end-of-week dinner.
  • Compared to a typical Sunday in May, we have seen the afternoon period between 4:00pm - 9:00pm nearly double the total number of rider requests
Comparison of the total number of uberX trips completed on an average Sunday in May vs November. 
  • As we expect this trend continue in the lead up to the New Year, this is another great time to get online during the week!

Weekday Evenings

Pro Tip for the week starting Monday Nov 28th

  • During the summer months we see an increased number of trip requests across Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

  • Christmas parties, night-time festivals, warm weather and longer daylight hours are all reasons why riders love staying out later to enjoy their weeknights.

  • South Yarra, Brunswick, Carlton and the CBD are all popular locations during this time of the year and we expect most rider requests coming from these areas!

Friday & Saturday Night

Pro Tip for the week starting Monday Dec 5th

  • Friday nights are popular for end-of-the-week dinner & drinks which see riders from business areas heading to bars throughout the CBD, Southbank and the Docklands.

  • Saturday nights are popular for young and trendy riders heading to pubs and nightclubs throughout the CBD, Brunswick and South Yarra

  • Both nights are very busy between 5pm - 8pm when riders are heading to their first location for the evening

  • After a brief lull, demand typically picks up from 10pm onwards when riders are keen to head to another venue or get home safely

  • Getting online for the early rush, or late night demand, are great times to cash-in on some of the week’s highest hourly fares.