Your Guide to Melbourne Cup Carnival 2016

Melbourne Cup Carnival kicks off on October 29, ending on November 5.  With more than 300,000 attendees, demand will be high (with big earnings!)

Get an Access Pass

In order to enter the venue, you’ll NEED TO PRINT an Access Pass and place it in your windshield.  You can also pick up an Access Pass from our Green Light Hub.

Race Days and Peak Demand

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 19.55.11.png

Pickups and Dropoffs

Pro Tips

We’re directing riders to specified pickup zones to make pickups as quick and easy as possible. Head to the link below for instructions about our UberZONES


Head to one of these zones to pick up passengers:

The routes in are shown in blue in the map above. 

  • Main Gate UberZONE: Enter Flemington Racecourse via Smithfield Road.  Then turn right into Stables Drive where a traffic controller will ask to see your access pass. Follow the signage down Straight Six until you see the UberZONE.
  • Hill Gate UberZONE: Enter Flemington Racecourse via Langs Road at Gate 5.  Then, follow the signage until you see the UberZONE.
  • Elms Gate UberZONE: Enter Flemington Racecourse via the Lynches Bridge entry gate on Smithfield Road.  You’ll proceed along a sand track adjacent to Maribynong River.  

When you arrive at the zone, traffic controllers will direct you to a parking space with an assigned space number.  When you receive a request, text your rider your space number and Uber staff will guide them to your Vehicle.

Road Closures

Road closures are shown in red on the map above. 

  • Leonard Crescent - will be closed on all race days.
  • Epsom Road - there will be a city bound closure from 1pm on all Race Days.

Important Reminders

  • Print your access pass - without an access pass, you won’t be able to get into Flemington Racecourse.  Click on this link to download and print your pass or stop by at the Green Light Hub to get one.
  • Pick up inside an UberZONE - Traffic enforcement will be strict around the event.  Make sure to pick up your rider from inside an UberZone to avoid impeding traffic flow.
  • Finding your rider - When you arrive at the zone make sure to text your parking space number to your rider.  Ask for their name before starting the trip to ensure you’ve picked up the right passenger.