Melbourne Airport

Get important information about airport drop-offs and pick-ups for the Melbourne Airport.

uberX and uberASSIST

Heading to the airport

As an uberX/uberASSIST driver-partner you will receive trip requests to drop-off at the airport, however you are currently unable to receive pick-up requests from riders at the airport. 

Business travellers need to move around the country every Monday. This usually means they take the first flight out of Melbourne and start heading towards the airport as early as 4am! This is an incredibly high earning time if you’re willing to wake up early and get online around the inner suburbs. 

For more info about early morning rider demand, head here.

Trips from the airport

Currently uberX partners are not able to receive pick-up trip requests from the airport as riders physically cannot request an uberX or uberASSIST whilst in the airport.

However, if you head back to the city via Bell St & Nicholson St, you are likely to receive a trip request on your way back. 

Note: If a rider asks about requesting an Uber from the airport, just let them know that they can try to request an UberBLACK.


We are improving the UberBLACK trip request experience for both riders and driver-partners!

By implementing virtual queuing at the airport, driver-partners will receive requests from a designated waiting zone on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis, rather than sending requests to the closest available partner.

How does it work?

Step 1

Waiting Zone

When an UberBLACK driver-partner enters the Waiting Zone (highlighted in green in the image) you automatically be entered into a virtual queue.

The waiting zone for UberBLACK driver-partners is the VHA and bus layover area on the corner of Melrose Drive and Francis Briggs Rd. You must be in this designated zone to receive a trip request from a rider.

Step 2

Terminal 1-4 pick-ups

Riders can request a trip from pick-up location from all four terminals. When you receive a trip request, it is important you recognise which terminal they are located at and proceed the pick-up zone.

Please note: If a rider cancels whilst you are driving to a pick-up zone, you will maintain your place in the queue and receive the next trip request once you re-enter the Waiting Zone





The image to the left is a screenshot of what riders see when they open the Rider app at the airport.

We've made it easy for riders to connect with driver-partners by allowing them to select their terminal and car park level.

However should you have difficulty locating them, we recommend getting in contact by sending them an SMS or calling them.


Important things to note & common questions

How to join the virtual queue:
Drive your vehicle into the designated Waiting Zone (Step 1) and you will automatically be placed into the queue.

A driver-partner's wait time in a zone is not reset after:

  • A rider cancels (return to the Waiting Zone in order to receive the next trip request)

A driver-partner’s wait time in a zone is reset after:

  • Rejecting a trip request
  • Ending or cancelling a trip
  • Going offline

Will I be reimbursed for parking?

No - Uber will not reimburse you for any parking fees at the airport.

We will be monitoring the queueing system closely to help ensure the best experience for all parties. If you have any questions, please contact us.