UberZONE Pro-Tips

This year, we're helping riders connect with driver partners at the Flemington Racecourse with our dedicated pick-up/drop-off sites known as an UberZONE.

To help ensure you and your riders have a seamless UberZONE experience, we've put together some Pro Tips to help you out. 

Make sure you've read through all of the tips below before heading to the racecourse!

Pro Tips

Do not drop off riders on the street, wait until you safely reach an UberZONE.


Tape your access pass to windshield so traffic controllers can easily see it.


Pick-up and drop-off instructions (including best entry points) will be sent via SMS. Text 'START' to 0437 915 630 to opt-in to SMS.


Make sure you are online when entering the racecourse. If you wait to get online, you will be at the end of the queue of rider requests and will wait longer than necessary.


Don't enter at Epsom Road or Leonards Crescent - stick to the three entry points included on your access pass.

We look forward to seeing you at the races!

Uber on!