Long Delivery Time

At Uber, we’re committed to supporting our partners by providing them the feedback needed to improve their delivery ratings. We want to enable you to deliver a high quality of service through the Uber platform which is why we share any quality related feedback with you. 

Long Delivery Time Complaint

What does a Long Delivery Time Complaint mean?

A recipient let us know that they felt you took longer than expected during a recent delivery. This is the #1 most common complaint we receive from recipients across the platform so you’re not alone.

We understand that sometimes it isn't possible to speed up the delivery. In such cases, a friendly call to the recipient, advising them of the challenge (parking, door security or whatever the case might be) may be appreciated.

How can I ensure this doesn't happen again?

The best way to ensure you avoid this complaint in the future is to ensure you are familiar with the navigation in the app and are always taking the most efficient route.

Another way to improve this is to familiarise yourself with the city, particularly areas where you do the majority of your deliveries. The faster you arrive at the drop-off location, the faster you can get back online and receive more delivery requests!

What's next?

By sharing this quality feedback we hope that we've helped you to understand the expectations our recipients have for our delivery partners.

If you continue to receive negative feedback from recipients or merchants your account will be reviewed and may be deactivated.