How to get your inspection

Find out how to get your free vehicle inspection


For the safety of our partners and riders, Uber requires regular vehicle safety and roadworthy checks. The vehicle inspection is part of Uber’s commitment to being one of the safest, most reliable and affordable transportation choices in Melbourne.

Uber has engaged Red Book Inspect to conduct free vehicle inspections on driver-partner vehicles. To find your closest inspection site, refer below.

How does it work? 

Driver-partners can take their vehicle to any Red Book Inspect Site and can do so without booking an appointment.

The process will take approximately 30 minutes and if your vehicle passes and all of your documents are uploaded on your profile, one of our Partner Support Representatives on-site will be able to activate you on the Uber platform.

Where do I go to get my free inspection?

What happens if my vehicle doesn't pass?

Red Book Inspect will let you know on-the-spot if your vehicle has not met their safety requirements and provide an overview of what repairs/service need to be carried out.

When the relevant vehicle repairs/servicing have been carried out, a driver-partner can return to Red Book Inspect for a free re-inspection, and if successful, join the Uber platform.

What if I can't attend any of these locations?

We also have a number of additional vehicle inspection sites with ABS Automotive, with more info here.