How to deliver with Uber

Find out how to make get started as an Uber delivery partner

Uber offers a delivery platform that connects people in Melbourne with local items at the push of a button, and have them delivered to their door.

Have pride for Melbourne and a knack for making someone’s day? Start your first delivery. It's perfect for those seeking a flexible way to work when and where they want.

What are the keys to making great money on Uber?

Our customers tell us that they appreciate delivery partners who provide a high quality service including:

  1. Completing the trip efficiently; and
  2. Ensuring the item is delivered in the same condition (and at the same temperature - if it is a food item) it was when the merchant handed it over

1. Completing a trip

You can use the pick-up instructions in the app to find the best place to park or wait at the pick-up address.

These are only available on the maps in the Uber app (if you use Google Maps or WAZE then you will need to click back into the Uber app to find the pick up instructions).

Once you have picked up the items, you can make your way to the drop-off location using the most efficient route as shown in the Uber app. When you reach the location, it is recommended that you park your vehicle and hand over the items at the customer's door (so long as parking and security allows you to reach the door!). If you cannot reach the door, you can give them a call through the Uber app to coordinate drop-off.

2. Delivering in great condition

It is recommended that you have your insulated delivery bag with you at all times to help to ensure that:

  • The item arrives in the same condition it came in; and
  • Food temperature is maintained; and
  • Spillage is avoided.

Using a motorbike?

If you are delivering on a motorbike, consider strapping your insulated delivery backpack onto your motorbike like this delivery partner has (See image to right).


How to complete a delivery

When you receive an delivery request, the screen will say DELIVERY at the top:

When you accept a delivery request, the app will provide you with directions to the restaurant to pick up the food. When you arrive at the restaurant you will see the pick up instructions that will help guide you to the best place to park or wait.


Note that you will only see these pick up instructions if you are using the map in the Uber app.

If you are using Google Maps or WAZE, you can click back into the Uber app when you have arrived at the restaurant to see the pick up instructions.



Pro Tip: If you are riding a bicycle, Google Maps offers a bicycle route option which will let you take shortcuts when delivering!

To set it up for yourself, follow these instructions:

Before you go online

Download and install Google Maps to your smartphone device

When online

  1. After accepting a request, swap to Google Maps
  2. Enter the address into the destination bar and select navigation (bottom right button)
  3. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  4. Turn Cycling ON

When the merchant is handing over the items, click on the CONFIRM ORDER button and you will see the following screen (See image to right)

We suggest that you verbally ensure the items on the PICK UP ORDER screen are in the bag that the merchant is handing you. Confirm the order by ticking that you have the correct items. Once you have confirmed the order, click NEXT to confirm all items are accounted for.


Only when you verify the items will you be able to swipe right to START TRIP. Once you have started the trip, the Uber app will direct you to the drop off location where the customer will be waiting.


You should only end an Uber delivery trip when you have handed over the order to the customer.

Swipe right to COMPLETE TRIP once you have delivered all items to the customer.


Need to contact someone while you're on a delivery?

There are three parties that you can contact during an Uber delivery trip:

  • The Merchant: before you have started the trip and if you have any issues picking up the delivery only.
  • The Recipient: after you have started the trip and if you have any issues dropping off the delivery only.
  • UBER if you cannot contact either the sender or recipient. 

You can find the contact contact section of the app in the top right corner of any screen.


How to contact Uber

  • The UberEATS hotline is 1800 839 156 – we suggest you save this number in your mobile.
  • Please note we will only answer questions about a LIVE UberEATS TRIP.
  • For all other queries, please let us know via the support function in the app, or through and we will get back to you.