Find out about the areas and time most riders are requesting from.

We want you to make the most of your time on the Uber platform and the best way to increase your earnings is to maximise the number of trips you provide. More trips can help increase earnings and give the most return on your time and effort.

You can achieve this by being online at the busiest times and in the locations with the most demand. Below are some suggestions about how you can do just that! 

When do most riders request trips?

The beauty of the Uber system is that you can go online whenever you want. However, driving during periods when demand is greater may help maximise your fares.

The chart below gives an example of total trips driver-partners complete in Melbourne across an average week.

You can see that the most trips are completed on Friday and Saturday night.

The following periods during the week also tend to be busy:

  • 5am to 9am weekdays are the morning rush hours when riders in inner suburbs are heading to work and out to the airport.
  • 3pm to 9pm weekdays - This period represents the late afternoon rush and is the time when demand can start to ramp up on Fridays and Saturdays. During the week riders are often looking to head home from work and on the weekend they are often heading into the inner suburbs and CBD from home. 
  • Any time it rains people often change their plans (particularly when rain is unexpected) and may, for instance, decide to request an Uber instead of walking.
  • During major events in Melbourne. For find out what's happening in Melbourne this weekend, head here.

You can see below how the busiest hours are also the highest earning hours

Where do most riders request from?

Whilst a higher proportion of demand is generated from the inner suburbs, it is recommended by top driver-partners to recognise where riders will be looking to request trips from and position yourself in those areas.

Here is a breakdown of rider preferences that influences when and where they tend to request trips from, across a typical week.