F1® Grand Prix - Guide

Your Guide to the 2017 Australian F1® Grand Prix

The 2017 Australian F1® Grand Prix is happening at Albert Park Lake from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th and event organisers are expecting 300,000 attendees across the 4 days! Here’s your guide for directions, pick ups, drop offs, busy times and more!

We’ll be directing riders to our UberZONES located across Albert Park Lake to make pickups as quick and easy as possible.

How to access the F1® Grand Prix 2017


Step 1: Print an Access Pass

You must present an Access Pass to a traffic controller or Uber staff member to access an UberZONE.

We recommend printing a copy and taping it on your windshield so you can be quickly and easily recognised.

Alternatively you can head into the Port Melbourne GL Hub to pick one up or present the pass from the screen of your mobile device.

Step 2: Head to an UberZONE

In order to pickup a rider you must access an UberZONE.

You can enter any UberZONE on any of the days which will be marked with Uber signage to help direct you as you approach it.

We recommend heading to the Gate 1 UberZONE on Canterbury Road as there will be Uber staff there to assist connect you with your riders across all days.

Check out the map below for each of the UberZONES that will be operating as pick up and drop off locations throughout the Grand Prix.


  • Canterbury Rd opposite Armstrong St
  • Where we expect the majority trips to be requested from across all days
  • Access the UberZONE by driving south on Canterbury Rd when approaching from the CBD (see below)


  • Canterbury Rd close to MSAC


  • Albert Rd outside Lakeside Stadium


  • Albert Rd near the intersection with Queens Rd


  • Fitzroy St near Lakeside Drive and Princes St

There will also be road closures throughout the duration of the event so head to the link below for more information.

Step 3: Pick up your rider and head out



After you have been situated in an allocated bay, our team will accompany riders who have requested a trip from the UberZONE to help locate your vehicle.

It is important to have your Partner app open as our Uber staff will need to verify and ensure you are matched to the correct rider.

GATE 2, 3, 5 and 10

If you are nearby any of these gates and online, you will be placed in a virtual queue and receive a regular trip request to any of these UberZONES.

Approach these UberZONES with the signage to help direct you, locate your rider, confirm their name before commencing a trip and after confirming their destination, proceed to leave the UberZONE to the rider’s destination.

When will it get busy?

Important Reminders

  • Download the most recent Partner app - Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the Partner app. Download it here.
  • Print your Access Pass - This will make it easier to get into closed roads. Click here to download and print your pass. We recommend taping it to your windshield for quicker access to the UberZONE
  • Dropoff/Pickup inside an UberZONE - Traffic enforcement will be strict around the event. Make sure to dropoff/pickup your rider from inside an UberZONE to avoid blocking traffic.
  • Finding your rider - When you arrive at the GATE 1 UberZONE look out for our staff who will help you find your rider. We’ll have your rider waiting for you when you arrive at the zone. Otherwise be sure to safely pull over to locate your rider if picking up from any other gate.
  • Be safe - We recommend against dropping off riders on the street. Instead wait until you have safely reached an UberZONE.
  • Subscribe for instructions - Pick-up and drop-off instructions (including best entry points) will be sent via SMS. Text 'START' to 0437 915 630 to opt-in to SMS instructions on the day.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Uber Victoria Team