Delivering UberEATS with a vehicle

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Uber currently offers UberEATS as a way deliver. 

UberEATS is a food delivery platform that allows eaters in Melbourne to order food from a restaurant at the push of a button and have it delivered to their door.

The UberEATS trip starts with a hungry person in Melbourne who orders food from a restaurant using the UberEATS app. When the restaurant has received the request, they will start to prepare the order. Only when the order is READY will a delivery partner be sent a request through the app to pick the order up from the restaurant. Once a delivery partner picks the order up from the restaurant the app will direct them will be directed to the eater’s location to give them the order.

When and where to go online

UberEATS gets busy during lunch and dinner time. We typically see the busy lunch period as 11am to 2pm and the busy dinner time as 5pm to 9pm. You can see a typical Monday’s UberEATS delivery request volume on the chart below:

If you are an UberX partner, you would see that the busy times on UberEATS are typically the downtimes on UberX!

UberEATS continues to expand across Melbourne and currently services the areas highlighted in the map below. Stay tuned for more updates!