Earn more with Uber

Find out how you can make more by referring your friends to drive or ride with Uber.

Referring New Driver-Partners

As an Uber Partner, earn extra money by referring friends and family who are not currently Uber driver-partners.

In order to receive your referral payment, the referred partner must sign-up using your invite code when they first create their account OR through the link on your Partner Dashboard.

For each new partner-driver you refer, you will receive a payment once they have completed the prescribed number of trips. You will receive emails with the latest offer but can also view it in the earnings tab of your Uber partner app.

You can also refer your friends and family to use their cars, scooters and bicycles to become UberEATS delivery partners, click here to find out how.

*Referral amounts and requirements are subject to change throughout the year.

Referring New Riders

As an Uber Partner, receive more income by sharing your Partner Invite Code with new riders

The new rider will receive a credit off their first ride, and you'll receive a cash payment that will appear in your next weekly payment statement once they complete their first trip. There's no limit to how many riders you can refer.

In order to receive cash for the referral, the new rider must apply your invite code to their account before they take their first trip.

How do I share my Invite Code?

The easiest way to refer a friend is to send them your invite link through the partner app. Click below to invite now through the Partner app or through the Partner dashboard.

You can use our suggested words or write your own. By directly contacting your friends through the Uber app you confirm that your friend has consented to you sending them this message.

Below is an example of how to share your invite code with your friends: