Frequently Asked Questions

Setting a Driver Destination is an easy way to get where you’re going and earn money taking trips along the way. Whether it’s commuting to areas where rides are needed most, driving back home at the end of the day, or running errands around town, you have the power to control both when you drive and where you’ll end up.

We’ve gathered answers to the top questions we’ve gotten about Driver Destinations so you can make your time even more valuable.

Q: How do I set a destination?

To set your destination, wait until you’re not on a trip. Then, tap the clipboard icon at the top of your screen, and select “Set a destination.” You’ll be prompted to select a saved location or type a new address—the more specific, the better.

Once you’ve entered a location, start driving toward your destination. Uber will automatically start looking only for trips that are along a similar route.

The image below provides an example of how a Driver Destination trip may occur:

1. The partner first sets their Driver Destination at the pin indicated by the star icon inside the orange icon.

2. The partner may receive a rider trip request which is along the similar route to their Driver Destination.

3. In this example, this may be from a rider requesting at the green pin whom has a destination at the red pin.

4. Following the completion of the trip, a partner is now situated closer to their nominated Driver Destination.

Q: How many trips can I take heading towards my driver destination? 
It's possible to receive multiple trips towards your nominated driver destination. 

However please note that this is subject to the number of riders that are online at the time who also enter drop-off locations that are on the way to your destination.

Q: How often can I set a destination?

You can set your destination twice per day.

Note: You're welcome to nominate a destination wherever or whenever you like. However it's worth noting that the farther away you’re traveling, the more opportunity there is to overlap with riders’ routes.

Q: Will riders be going to the exact same place as me?

Not necessarily. Setting a destination means you’ll be matched with riders going in the same general direction, but their drop-off location may be well before your destination, or in some cases just beyond it.

Think of setting a destination as a way to protect against being taken too far out of your way, instead of as a tool that will get you a rider going to the same exact place as you.

Q: It doesn’t seem to be working—why haven’t I gotten a match?

Remember, setting a destination means you’ll only get requests for rides going in a similar direction—there won’t always be someone going your way, and you won’t get a match every time.

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