Driver Destinations

Driver Destinations is a feature where driver-partners can indicate where they’re heading so we can find trips that are on the way. 

We’re consistently looking for new ways to enhance our app to better serve the needs of our driver-partners. Based on past feedback we've received, we’re excited that this feature can help make your last trip of the day count even more.

The 'Driver Destinations' feature will allow a driver-partner to set their destination twice a day when they want to be matched only with riders traveling in a similar direction. Whether it’s driving back home at the end of the day or running errands around town, driver-partners can set their destination to earn fares that are along their route.

Drivers can set a destination in 3 quick steps:

1. Tap the clipboard icon in the top corner of the app

2. Select a saved location or search for a new address

3. Start driving toward the destination - Uber will automatically filter requests for trips along the way

Note that any trips using driver destinations will not count towards incentives (e.g. hourly fare guarantees or per trip additional fares).

We hope you enjoy this new feature as we continue to listen to driver-partner feedback and improve the Uber experience.

If you have any questions about Driver Destinations, be sure to check-out our FAQ by following the link below:

Team Uber