Driver Accreditation Process

Information on the process for applying for a Driver Accreditation from the Taxi Services Commission (TSC)

Uber has compiled this guidance for those Driver Partners wanting to apply for a Driver Accreditation themselves. Further information can be obtained from the TSC's website.

Step 1 - Complete The Driver Accreditation Application Form

We have digitised the TSC's Driver Accreditation form to make it easier for you to complete. Click here to complete this form; the completed application form (PDF output) will be emailed to you within 15 minutes.

Alternatively, you can download the blank application form from the TSC's website.

Step 2 - Complete A Medical Assessment

The TSC requires all applicants to undergo a medical assessment. Uber has partnered with several medical facilities to offer these for $80+GST, or your regular GP may offer this service (although pricing may vary). Click here to view participating clinics.


  • Download and complete the Health Questionnaire and bring it and Section 9 of the DA application form to your medical appointment
  • Bring your eye glasses and medical prescriptions (if applicable) to the medical appointment so that the assessing Doctor can review if necessary. If you don't bring everything, you may have a delay or have to get another medical assessment in order to be cleared for your Driver Accreditation

Step 3 - Have Proof of Identity Documents Certified

The TSC requires that all Proof of Identity (POI) documents be certified. We recommend taking these documents (the original + copy) with you to your medical appointment as Doctors are qualified to certify documents. Otherwise, find someone else qualified.

Note: If you plan to submit your application to the TSC in-person you do not need certified copies of your documents.

POI Documents Required:

  • Your Full Victorian Drivers Licence
  • Your Passport or Birth Certificate
  • Your Right to Work (If Not an Australian Citizen)

Click here for the TSC's guidance on POI requirements.

Step 4 - Submit Your Full Application To The TSC

A completed, full application is comprised of your DA application form (emailed to you in Step 1, make sure you sign Page 6 and complete Page 7), your medical assessment certificate (from Step 2), and your certified document copies (from Step 3).

You can submit your documents one of the following ways:

Step 5 - Upload Your DA To Your Uber Profile

Received your Driver Accreditation back from the TSC? Great! Click here for instructions on how to upload it to your Uber Profile.