Promotions Boost

Promotions Boost is a new way for delivery partners to earn. Your fare will multiply when you get a Boost. Learn all about Boosts by getting the details below.

Introducing Boost

We're excited to introduce Boost—a new feature in your app that will help you earn.

When you get a Boost, your trip's fare will multiply and you will earn more. Boosts exist in different zones across the city, so how much of a Boost you get will depend on when and where you drive. 

Plan when and where to drive

Promotions Hub

Want to know what the Boosts will be in the coming days? Check the Promotions section of your app weekly to see what Boosts are coming soon. You can see the date, time and zone of each Boost before it even happens.



Before you start driving, you’ll also see an In-app message that shows you when and where the Boost zones are.


Live Map

Whether you're online or offline, you can see the guaranteed fare multiples, called Boosts, for each zone in the city. This helps you plan what area of the city to drive in.


Real-Time Receipts

You’ll see your Boost on every trip receipt, right after completing the trip.

How promotions works

Real time

  • The Boost promotion you receive is based on what Boost zone the restaurant is located in.
  • If you pick up two orders at the same merchant you will earn the Boost on both orders.
  • Your trip receipt will show the Boost amount in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I get a Boost on all trips?
    • You will only receive a Boost when you pick up an order in a Boost zone, within the specified times. Check the Promotions Hub in your app to see when and where Boosts exist.
  2. How do I know if I’m eligible for a Boost?
    • Check the Promotions Hub in your app. There are no requirements to qualify for the Boost. There are no acceptance or cancellation rate thresholds on Boosts.
  3. What happens if I pick up two orders at the same time?
    • If you pick up two orders at the same merchant you will earn the Boost on both orders.
  4. Am I eligible for other incentives if there is a Boost on my trip?
    • Yes you are. Boost is in addition to any other promotions being offered.
  5. Why do I see different Boost amounts than another partner?
    • Boost, like other promotions, may differ from partner to partner. These offers are based on your general driving habits.