Delivering a 5 star experience

At Uber, we’re committed to supporting our partners by providing them the feedback needed to improve their delivery ratings. We want to enable you to deliver a high quality of service through the UberEATs platform which is why we share any quality related feedback with you. 

Getting a thumbs up for deliveries

How to ratings work?

Ratings for UberEATS are a thumbs up or thumbs down, which indicates whether the experience was positive or negative.  Your rating % displayed in the partner app is all your thumbs up trips as a % of rated trips.

Who rates deliveries?

At the end of most deliveries the restaurant and the eater will receive the opportunity to rate their experience.

How can I improve?

The best way to avoid thumbs down or negative ratings is be polite and friendly to restaurants and eaters, present yourself with the highest level of professionalism. We understand that everyone has a bad day, but while waiting in a restaurant, when interacting with a restaurant, or delivering to an eater always strive to provide a 5 star experience!

Our delivery partners have told us the easiest ways to do this include:

  • Waiting patiently at a restaurant (remember if you are waiting for a long time you can send an email to support through the app)
  • Being polite when talking to the restaurant or eater on the phone
  • Attempting to deliver to the eater's door when possible, when not possible ask politely for the eater to assist you with parking instructions or collecting the order.

What's next?

By sharing this quality feedback we hope that we've helped you to understand the expectations our restaurant partners have our delivery partners.

If you continue to receive negative feedback from eaters or restaurants your account will be reviewed and may be deactivated.

Note: We expect some negative feedback over time for all our partners as this is the nature of the business! If you believe you received this complaint unfairly, please don’t worry, we’ll only take action if we see a pattern of undesirable behaviour. Again, the purpose of this message is to provide you constructive feedback to help you improve.