Completing Your Driver Accreditation Application

Note: This guidance is intended for those Uber Partners who have been invited to take part in the Uber-Assisted Driver Accreditation process.
Looking for information on Driver Accreditation in Victoria? Click here.

What Next? Complete Your Medical Assessment

If you have yet to complete the Driver Accreditation Application form, please do so before booking in for a medical assessment.

Step 1 - Book An Appointment With Jobfit (No Charge)

Where? Appointments are now at our Uber Greenlight Hub at 578 Plummer Street, Port Melbourne
When? Jobfit is currently operating 5 days per week (all excluding Mon, Sun).

  • Uber covers the cost of these assessments
  • Appointments take approximately 45 minutes; appointment times fill very quickly, make one ASAP to get a time that works for you
  • Do not be late for your appointment - if you miss your appointment time you must complete the Driver Accreditation process yourself and at your own expense

Please note: There are currently some issues with the bookings availability. If you're unable to see any availabilities at the moment, please check back in a couple of hours. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Step 2 - Prepare For Your Medical Appointment

You must bring the following to your medical appointment:

  • Your medical self-assessment form; click here to print and complete it
  • Your eye glasses and medical prescriptions (if applicable)
  • Your proof of identify documents, which the Doctor will certify:
    • Your Full Victorian Drivers Licence
    • Your Passport or Birth Certificate
    • Your Right to Work (If not an Australian Citizen)

Click here for the TSC's guidance on POI requirements.

Step 3 - Uber Will Submit Your Driver Accreditation Application

If you complete this process, Uber will submit your Driver Accreditation application to the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) on your behalf. Uber will pay both the Medical and Driver Accreditation application fees.

If you do not bring all required documents to your Medical Assessment (refer Step 2) you may need to submit and pay for the Driver Accreditation yourself.

If you would prefer you are welcome to submit your own application to the TSC - at your own cost. Click here for more information.