Cancellation policy

Unfortunately trip cancellations can occur from time to time as riders may change their mind or be unable to reach your vehicle conveniently.

In order to make sure you’re compensated for your time Uber has a cancellation fee policy for driver-partners.

When a cancellation fee applies

After accepting a request, a $10 cancellation fee will apply if the following occurs:

  • The rider cancels 5 minutes after a driver-partner has accepted a trip; or
  • The driver-partner cancels ("Client no show") 5 minutes after arriving at the pick up location.

A few things to note:

  • The "Client No Show" is based on 5 minutes after you arrive at the pick up location, not from the time you accept the request.
  • If your ETA increases by more than 5 minutes (i.e. as a result of heavy traffic ), the rider can cancel free of charge. To lower the risk of this occurring , we recommend calling the rider if you anticipate the actual ETA will be much higher than what is stated in the Parter app.
  • This system works automatically. If the fee does not appear when either the rider of driver-partner cancels, then the cancellation fee did not apply.
  • If you think this is incorrect and/or should've qualified for the cancellation fee, then please check your dashboard 24 hours after the trip as it will often be there. If it doesn't appear, contact support through the app by selecting the trip in which you think a cancellation fee should apply.

How to cancel a trip correctly

Follow this annotated step-by-step guide on how to correctly cancel a trip.

This example will assume a "Rider no-show" to illustrate how a cancellation fee applies.

Step 1

When you arrive at the rider's pick-up location and slide the Partner app to "Arrived", we recommend contacting the rider by SMS to let them know you have arrived. 

If you are unsuccessful in getting a response over the next few minutes, we recommend giving them a call.

If after 5 minutes they are still non-responsive and you are unable to locate them, you can tap on the icon at the top right of the screen (See image)


Step 2

Select 'Cancel' as seen to the right



3_Select Reason.jpg

Step 3

Select the relevant reason (i.e. In this case "Rider no-show") and you will receive a $10 cancellation fee.