Avalon Airport

Get important information about airport drop-offs and pick-ups from Avalon Airport.


Simply drop off the rider at the Public Pick-Up/Drop-Off area located outside the Departures terminal.


Waiting for a rider

To pick-up from Avalon Airport, you can now wait in the UBER Holding Bays, which are located on the left side of the airport roadway just before you reach the terminal. The area is signed with “UBER Holding Bay” and can be seen on the map below as marked by orange markers.

Picking up a rider

When a rider requests, they will be at the UBER Pick-Up Bay, which is the first car park in the public pick-up area just outside the Departures Terminal. The parking bay is signed with “UBER Pick-Up Bay” and can be seen on the map below as marked by a red marker.


How does this work?

Once you enter the Avalon Airport area you’ll be placed in a virtual queue, which means you’ll receive trip requests on a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) basis. This system ensures that driver-partners who have been waiting the longest get the requests first, instead of the usual system which allocates trips to the driver-partners who is closest. This means there’s no need to be closest to the terminal to get the request.

When is the best time to expect requests?

Most requests from airports occur just after an aircraft arrives.  You can find Avalon Arrivals information here.

Do I lose my place in the queue if my rider cancels?

You do not lose your place in the queue if your rider cancels. You will lose your place in the queue if you do any of the following:

  • Leave the Avalon Airport area toward the freeway (circling back into the airport along Beach Rd is still in the area)
  • Reject a request
  • End or cancel a trip
  • Go offline

How do I know what position I am in the queue?

Currently there is no functionality in the app to tell you what position you are in the queue. We are currently working on new solutions to get this information to you through the app.

Why did I get a request from the suburbs even though I was waiting for an airport request?

So you can spend more time on-trip and less time waiting, you will still be eligible to receive normal trip requests from the surrounding areas while in the waiting area. These requests are based on the normal distance-based system, not the queue based system inside the airport.

Can I tout in the terminal?

Touting is strictly prohibited by the Avalon Airport authority.  Partners found to be touting may be banned from the airport by airport authority. This may also affect a partner's account status with Uber.

We will be monitoring the queueing system closely to help ensure the best experience for all parties. If you have any questions, please get in touch!