ABS Automotive inspection

Additional inspection locations across Melbourne

If you're unable to attend a Red Book Inspect site - we have partnered with ABS Automotive to provide more vehicle inspection locations across Melbourne. 

How does it work?

Driver-partners are required to contact their preferred ABS location to book a time for a free inspection and ensure you arrive there on time with your registered vehicle.

Where do I get my free inspection?

Identify which ABS location is most convenient for you and call them to book an appointment.

What happens if my vehicle doesn't pass?

ABS will let you know on-the-spot if your vehicle has not met their safety requirements and provide an overview of the what repairs/servicing needs to be carried out before being eligible.

When the relevant vehicle repairs/servicing have been carried out, a driver-partners can return to ABS for a free re-inspection, and if successful, get online the Uber platform.